Junior Development Programme


The Tri-Sport Taupō, junior development programme, has been running for almost two years, and over this time, it has been very successful in developing a unique group culture, the necessary skills to perform in the sport and regional and national achievements. The programme has become an essential part of the club and its success.

The purpose of the Junior Development programme is to give club members aged ten years old and above the opportunity to form friendships with like-minded people in a fun and supportive environment, where its members can encourage each other to be the best they can be.

In the short-term the programme objective is to broaden it’s members running, biking and swimming skills to compete at club and national races. In the long-term, to create a pathway to high-performance sport and to revive the passion for triathlon in Taupō.

Junior Development team

Cameron Paul
Programme leader
and coach

Cameron Paul is a Tri NZ Accredited Coach, with 10 years triathlon experience – five years racing Professional/Elite Ironman and 70.3 and more recently two years coaching specialising in junior to elite level development working alongside Chris Willet with the Tri NZ regional youth academy.


Priscila Shepherd
Team manager

Priscila is a Tri-Sport Taupō committee member and the Junior development programme team manager. In this role she works closely with Cameron Paul to assist him whenever a second pair of hands is needed.


The programme operates all year round and works on a school term schedule. It starts in term 2 and ends in term 1, after the NZ schools Champs.

There are four tiers in the programme:

Tier 4 is the introductory stage, all Tri-sport members are welcome to join in at any stage and there is no pressure to be an skilled triathlete. Then, teirs 3, 2 and 1 will depend on:

  • The desire to perform at a top-level 
  • Swim at a squad level 
  •  Gain coache’s approval to join the running sessions 
  • High attendance at training 
  • High participation at Tri-Sport events
  • Attendance in local and national events


Monday from 5:15- 7pm Club nights ( Times incluids warm ups and prize giving)

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6- 7:30 am – Swimming at the AC Baths

Wednesday from 4- 5:30pm – Cycling at the velodrome (Whole group session)

Friday from 4 – 5 pm – running – Members are highly encouraged to join the Friday night open water swim series near the Yacht club.

The programme fees is usually charged at the beginning of each term. Fees should cover the cost of the coaching sessions your child is benefiting from.  Additional charges may apply for extra activities such as team-building camps, training camps, petrol, Koha for workshops, athlete development workshops, food and treats and any other training opportunities. 

There will be four tiers of fee charges to reflect the type of advantages the member will get. 

  • Tier 1 – Access to weekly swim/run/bike training. Cost per Term $280
  • Tier 2 – Access to weekly swim/bike training. Cost per term $230
  • Tier 3 – Access to weekly run/bike training. Cost per term $160
  • Tier 4 – Access to weekly bike training only. Cost per term $100

Members must be: 

  • Age 10 or above; 
  • A current paid-up member of the Tri-Sport Taupo; and
  • An active Club member participating in Club events. 

Programme ACTIVITIES may vary depending on the member’s Tier 

  • Summer camp  – Team Building;
  • Spring training camp; 
  • Scheduled training sessions (1 – 2 hours duration);
  • Workshops;
  • Interclub activities;
  • 1 extra-curricular activity each term ( eg. Go to the movies, stay at the ski lodge, potluck dinner/lunch.) 

Programme Member

  • A very high level of attendance to all planned training sessions and skills sessions; 
  • Attend scheduled informal programme activities as defined by the Team Manager; 
  • Consistently work on improving their skills and fitness throughout the term; 
  • Attend and compete in races on the agenda (except for injury or sickness); 
  • Wear their club Kit for all registered races and on the podium, and to keep the Squad Kit clean and tidy;
  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner both on and off the training sessions and races, before, during and after events by:
  1. Having a positive attitude, healthy competitiveness and good sportsmanship;
  2. acknowledging and appreciating the opportunity they have been given;
  3. helping out Tri-sport Taupō by mentoring other members; and
  4. helping out on setting up the racecourse and marshalling at events.
Note: If a member finds that they can no longer commit to the programme, or misses 3 or more weeks of training sessions during the term, they will forfeit their position in the programme (except for injury or sickness and winter sports commitments).
  • Manage their children’s swimming and biking outside of the programme sessions to improve fitness, skills and technique (aim would be 1 extra ride, 1 extra run and 2 swims per week minimum), but ensure they are not overdoing it; 
  • Providing transport for their child to events, training sessions and  group rides;  
  • Manage conflict between group members (with escalation to the Coach and Team Manager, if unable to be resolved within themselves);
  • Volunteering at Kinloch Tri and Taupo Tri-Sport fundraising events, including Cycle Challenge and Ironman.


Colleen and Peter Taylor

The junior development programme was only able to start due to Colleen and Peter Taylor's kind donation to be spent towards the future athletes' of the club.


The Taylor’s generous donation meant that for the first two seasons youth members were able to get involved in the club’s activities for only $10 fee to have full access to training once a week all year round and free entry fees to club races.


Now, the junior development funding is running out and the main source of income for the club, the Kinloch-Tri, did not occur due to Covid restrictions. This resulted in the club making a financial loss in the 2021 financial year and parent's having to pay for a membership. The increase in membership fees creates barriers to participation to some of our members and we want to change that! If you want to leave a legacy like Peter and Colleen, get in touch with us to find out how you can support our future champs.