Club Championships

 Club Champs 
 CourseShort 200m/8.8/1.25Medium 300m/13.2/2.5Long   600m/17.5/3.75
12 & UnderYes  
13-14 Yes 
15-16 Yes 
17-19  Yes
20 & Above  Yes

Club Champ titles are based on the age schedule, age on day of race

Age 13yrs and above can do a shorter course than indicated but won’t qualify for a club placing

Age 12 and below can’t do a longer course than indicated

Club placings for 20 and above in 10yr age groups up to 70+

The club overall triathlon title is the first male and female on the long course
To be eligible for a club title you must be a club member and have completed in two club events in the current season before the champs